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The Privacy policy page of J1 Tax Buddy covers all the required information regarding the use and collection of the information of our clients.

The use of our service acts as a form of agreement with our clients regarding our ability to collect and use their personal information in rendering the service agreed upon. We also have the right to utilize effective methods of storage for all the personal information that we possess.

Use of personal information

The occasion may arise when we may require that you present specific personal information such as; email address, postal address, phone number and other information. It is important to note that the need for such information may be requested when we need to contact you or identify you directly.

Compliance with laws

The situation may arise when the personal information of a client may be needed by the authorities. In such a situation, we are required by law to present such information to handle any legal issue. Such rare occurrence requires us to present personal information, aside from that, we are committed to the safety of all the information that we possess about our clients.


The security of your personal information is a priority to us, and we utilize the most recent technology required to secure your data. The security of your financial details would also be adequately guaranteed. Credit card details and other details used in making payment on our site would be secured from any form of intrusion or hacking. We utilize a secured link in the transactions carried out on our site.

Notwithstanding, we won’t provide a 100% guarantee on the security of all the information we possess. The channels available online regarding the safety of information may not guarantee total security to information as a result of the fallibility of the internet security world. Nevertheless, we will play our role in ensuring that there is no security breach concerning the safety of your information.

Service users would be responsible for any security breach that occurs as a result of the careless exposure of their financial details via the computer or devices that they make use of. So it is vital that users safely protect the details they input into a public or different computer.

Information Transfer

By submitting your search queries to us, you consent to our right of information transfer to a geographical location that may be different from the one you stay or where our office is located. Our team of professionals may occasionally choose to work in different geographical areas, so they have the right to access the information you send irrespective of your geographical location.

We would determine the location where your information is processed, and if necessary, we reserve the right to transfer data to any service location or the location of third-party companies that work in partnership with us.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are often sent from sites to a web browser. They contain anonymous identifiers with a small amount of data. The data carried by cookies is usually saved on the hard drive of a computer. The functionality that allows cookies can easily be disabled in a web browser, based on the choice of a user, thereby restricting the data that can be saved in the hard drive of a user. Notwithstanding, it is important to note that if cookies are disabled in a browser, then it becomes difficult for a service user to take full advantage of all the service that we provide.


Theft and Fraud

Cases of theft and fraud would be accompanied by severe measures that would ensure that the person responsible faces the highest wrath of the law.

More clarification about any area of our privacy policy can be channeled through our contact details, as we ensure that our customers enjoy a good business relationship with the use of our website.


Change of Privacy Policy

The need to improve the service we deliver may require us to make changes to our privacy policy. So we have the right to make changes to our privacy policy without seeking your consent. Once a change is made to our privacy policy, we will inform our service users about the changes made to our privacy policy.

Our service users are required to regularly acquaint themselves with our privacy because once a change is made to our privacy policy, the privacy policy becomes effective once it is uploaded to our site.

We also understand that a change in your personal information may also need to reflect in the details that you share with us. So if you need to make corrections to the information that you shared with us, you can quickly get it done by contacting us and getting the work handled.

Our service users also reserve the right to request for the cancellation or delete of the information that is given to us, and that would be done except otherwise required by law.